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Venice Realtor Closing Short Sales To Capitalize On Market

If you are looking to sell your distressed property it is important to find the best Venice Realtor available. Toni Patillo and Associates have been helping homeowners in Southern California get out from under their mortgage debt for years. Whether you are current on your mortgage or have already defaulted Toni can help you sell your home for less than what its worth.

Given the growth in shorts many lenders have recently started accepting short sales from homeowners who are current on their payments. Banks understand that removing these toxir or non-performing loans from their balance sheets will not only help themselves but the homeowner as well. By completing a short sale without missing payments you will also be able to inflict minimal damage on your credit score. For those who have already missed a payment time may not be on your side. A short sale will normally three to four months to complete from submitting your file to the closing table. Finding an experienced Venice Realtor is just one of the ways you may be able to accelerate the short sale process. Toni Patillo and her team have years of short sale experience in Venice and have worked with numerous lenders in the area. Your short sale may even qualify you to receive relocation assistance or another short sale incentive after selling your home. With the current mortgage rates and great home prices having the best Venice Realtor can be the difference in getting in a new home.

If you want to take advantage of this current market visit today or call the office to get started. Toni and her team have the experience and knowledge to help you make the best real estate decision for your current situation.