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Venice Realor Provides Valuable Tool For Real Estate Decision Making

If you are ready to sell your current property but concerned about the equity you built up your Venice Realtor has great news for you. Head over to today and try our Short Or Stay Calculator before making your next big real estate decision. This free tool has already helped numerous homeowners find the right Venice Realtor to help them in to their next home.

The Short Or Stay Calculator is absolutely free to use and in five to ten minutes can provide you with some incredibly valuable information. Simply enter in some basic information about your mortgage to get started. This will include your mortgage interest rate, current mortgage balance, and length of your mortgage contract. Once this information is submitted you will be e-mailed a detailed report about your current home. This report will have information about the current and future housing market and may be best reviewed with your Venice Realtor. Most importantly this report will show you what your current home value is thanks to the fine folks at Zillow. This report will also show you when your home may be worth what you intially paid for it. Your Venice Realtor will be able to discus your unique perspective and whether waiting out the market is right for you. Some homeowners may still be severally underwater and will need to short sale in order to move on from their distressed property. If this is the case your Venice Realtor at Toni Patillo and Associates is ready to help. Their team has years of experience with short sales and can help you sell your home fast.

So if you are considering a change in real estate make sure to try this free tool today. Your individual report can help you take the guessing out of your decision and allow your Venie Realtor to help you find your next home.