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Unique Marketing Strategy Sets Toni Patillo And Associates Apart From Other Venice Realtors

For homeowners in Southern California it can be hard to make the decision to sell your current property. Finding a Venice Realtor that can help you get the highest and best offer is certainly an important first step. But with the numerous Venice Realtors available for your home sale what sets a top agent apart from the rest?

At Toni Patillo and Associates we have years of experience in Southern Calfornia and set ourselves apart from other agents through our unique marketing strategies in order to sell your home for the highest and best offer. Not only will we use all traditional forms of paper advertising but also numerous different online outlets. The Southern California housing market is massive with buyers coming from all over the world looking to grab a slice of what this great state has to offer. For this reason it is important to reach as many potential buyers as possible. However, one thing that many Venice Realtors may not realize is that your potential buyer may be located just around the corner. At Toni Patillo and Associates we like to speak with homeowners in the neighborhood to let them know of the opportunity before the home is on the open market. These homeowners drive or walk by your home every day and may know someone looking to move or have an interest themselves. By chatting with your current neighbors, and even hosting a block party open house, we can help spread the word about your great home to people who know the area. It is not uncommon to chat with family, friends, or co-workers about homes in your area or a certain home that you have your eye on.

Unique marketing strategies like this are just one reason why Toni Patillo and Associates will be your best Venice Realtor option. Please give our office a call if you have any questions about selling your current home and finding a Venice Realtor.