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The Many things a Santa Monica Short Sale Agent does During the Process

One of the first things you are going to want to do when you decide to complete a short sale on your home is to find the best Santa Monica short sale agent around. You should also find out if the Santa Monica short sale agent handles his or her own negotiations or if they hire a third party to handle the negotiations. It is typically better for the Santa Monica short sale agent to handle the negotiations themselves. A third party negotiator usually doesn’t represent the seller. If any conflicts or problems arise, they will not know how to handle them for you the homeowner.

If you need to find an experienced Santa Monica short sale agent, let Toni Patillo and her team handle your situation. Toni and her team of experts will put the documents together that you need to turn into the bank or lender in order to get the short sale process started. Her team will also request all of the documents that will be needed to submit to the bank. Let Toni Patillo and her team help you out and become your Santa Monica short sale agents. You will not be disappointed and with her success rate, you will most likely be closing on your sale before another agent can even get started. As your Santa Monica short sale agent, Toni and her team will do any negotiating that is needed between your buyer and lender. This will ensure that everything will run smoothly. She will coordinate all of the inspections of the home and make sure the inspectors can have access to the home. She will also review the closing documents and attend the closing with you on your behalf. Contact Toni today at