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Talk with your Venice Realtor When you are ready to buy

A lot of people spend most of their time renting thinking it might be impossible to become a homeowner themselves. They might not realize the true investment that comes with owning your own home. There are several important reasons to become a homeowner, and when you finally make that decision, it is best to talk with your Venice realtor when you are ready to buy a home. When you purchase a home in the right way, using the right Venice realtor, homeownership can become an investment that lays a foundation for a life with financial security and freedom. There are several important financial reasons that might sway you to purchase a home. You will have a chance to build equity in your home; there will most likely be value appreciation as long as the market stays on track. With homeownership come tax benefits that many people enjoy.

Some questions to ask yourself are, if you can afford to pay rent, you can most likely afford to buy. Rent these days is generally close to a mortgage payment anyway. Another thing, there is not a wrong time to buy the right home. Once you find the home you want, make sure you can afford the monthly mortgage payment. If you don’t have a large down payment, don’t worry. It shouldn’t stop you from buying your first home. Also, if you have a not so perfect credit score, it shouldn’t stop you from buying either. So, stop paying rent and live the American dream of homeownership. Let Toni Patillo and her team help you with all the questions you may have about buying your new home. Check out her website at and get started today.