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Take The First Step, Call A Santa Monica Short Sale Agent Today

Handling Santa Monica Short Sales for the last six years I have had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people. If these people had never taken the first step in reaching out to me who knows where they would have ended up. At Toni Patillo and Associates we look forward to helping our neighbors in the community get back on their feet and avoid foreclosure.

Facing foreclosure is a scary situation, especially when a unforeseen hardship is the reason. Many of the Santa Monica Short Sales I have closed in the last six years have been more people who lost their job due to downsizing or a medical disability. These little surprises in life can often leave someone feeling helpless and destined to fail. These are good hardworking people who found themselves in a difficult situation and in need of a little help. Taking the first step and reaching out to someone may be all that is needed to turn your state of affairs around. I am proud to say the Santa Monica Short Sales that I close help people avoid foreclosure, and possibly bankrupty, all due to taking that first step. Given the increase in Santa Monica Short Sales it can also be comforting to know that you are not alone in this situation and it’s ok. Across the country many homeowners find themselves deliquent on their underwater mortgage and face the very same questions as you. Closing Santa Monica Short Sales is also good for the community as it reduces the number of foreclosure signs or empty homes in your neighborhood.

My six plus years closing Santa Monica Short Sales has taught me that everyone deserves a second chance in life and the first step is reaching out. Ask a friend or co-worker who you know has completed a short sale about their experience and eliminate the fear you have about going forward. Even if a short sale isn’t right for you it is important to understand your options for avoiding foreclosure.