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Short Sales On The Rise As Homeowners Start Path To Recovery

It’s in the news. Your neighbor is talking about it. Santa Monica Short Sales are on the rise. As more distressed property owners learn about their options they continue to get out from under their mortgage debt. Toni Patillo and Associates want to share our experience and knowledge with you to join in the path to recovery and move on from your mortgage debt.

Across the country people find their homes worth much less than what they bought them for five to ten years ago. I have been closing Santa Monica Short Sales for over six years and have seen many homeowners facing this same problem. Add in the possibility of job loss, divorce, or unforeseen medical problems and you homeowners who cannot afford their underwater mortgage. Santa Monica Short Sales are on the rise because people understand they aren’t hopelessly stuck paying a mortgage with no equity. Your unforeseen hardship also doesn’t have to result in foreclosure or bankruptcy if you know your options. Many of the Santa Monica Short Sales I close start simply by having a conversation with a homeowner about the options for their home. A short sale is not right for everyone and there are other options to avoiding foreclosure. Not only does the increase in Santa Monica Short Sales help you but it also revives neighborhoods that sat empty or had foreclosure signs up and down the street. As someone with six years of experience I want to share my knowledge with you and restore your confidence.

If you are already behind on your mortgage time may not be on your side. Santa Monica Short Sales on average will take four to six months to complete depending on your lender. Please contact Toni Patillo and Associates to chat about your options and consider the future without your underwater property.