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Sellers Market In Southern California May Require Venice Realtor To Take Advantage

If you are in search of a Venice Realtor to sell your current home I have some great news for you. As home prices continue to adjust and homeowners continue to default on their mortgage payments the number of homes available on the market has continued to shrink. In fact, many potential buyers have even chosen to build a new home instead of looking for a current home to buy. As a home seller this can be gret news for finding the highest and best offer for your current property.

Finding an experienced Venice Realtor can help you take advantage of this market and potentially walk away with some profit from your home sale. When your Venice Realtor has as much experience and education as Toni Patillo and Associates you will stand a better chance of taking advantage of this sellers market. In this kind of situation effective marketing and an aggressive list price can help attract home buyers from across the country to your home. Because the home inventory in Southern California is lower than normal those looking to move are forced to pay more for what they want in a home. Given the very reasonable lending rates available right now potential buyers are flooding the market looking to take advantage and lock in a low rate for the long term. The Southern California housing market has certainly been a roller coaster for the last few years but this could be your chance to get out on top. Contact your Venice Realtor if you are ready to sell your current property and take advantage of this incredible opportunity.

At Toni Patillo and Associates we have been helping homeowners in all kinds of housing markets and want to help you make the best real estate decision for your long term goals. If selling is an option in the near future contact our team of Venice Realtors to learn more about your options.