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School District A Plus For Those Considering Santa Monica Real Estate

For those homeowenrs who place a strong importance on the school options near their home Santa Monica Real Estate has you covered. Whether you are planning to start a family in the near future or have children already in a different K-12 school system the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District has a rich history of providing children with great opportunities. This is just another one of the many reasons why Santa Monica Real Estate rarely stays on the market for long.

The school district in Santa Monica is comprised of ten elementary schools and two middle schools. Given that Santa Monica is a rather small community this offers plenty of options for your children as they move forward with their education. The three high schools in town also provide great options as your kids become teenagers and start to focus their studies on what they have in mind for college. Thankfully there is also a college in Santa Monica, whether for the kids after high school or for mom and dad looking to further their education. And lets not forget that Santa Monica Real Estate sits on a rather small piece of land regardless of the population. This is great news for families with multiple kids in school as commute time, bus rides, and walking to school become a quick process and not an hour long problem. The school district is a joint district with neighboring Malibu where additional school buildings are also present.

If you are looking to plant roots with your Santa Monica Real Estate purchase make sure to consider the great school district and all that it has to offer when selecting a home. Along with great recreation options the school system is just another one of the great reasons why Santa Monica Real Estate does not stay on the market for very long.