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Santa Monica Short Sales Benefit From Incentive Programs For Homeowners

As Santa Monica Short Sales continue to rise in popularity so to do the great short sale incentive programs available. If you are in a position to sell your home but not sure if a short sale is right for you consider these incentives when making your decision. Now may be the best time to sell your property thanks to Santa Monica Short Sales and the possiblity to receive cash at closing or avoid the tax consequences of selling your property.

Santa Monica Short Sales are getting closed every day with short sale incentives provided by both large national lenders and also government sponsored entities. Large national lenders, including Wells Fargo and Chase Bank, have been providing Santa Monica Short Sales for their customers up to fifty thousand dollars at closing. The Santa Monica Short Sales that qualify for this program will have to be both owned and serviced by the bank and the home must be in a liveable condition. Many of the homeowners that qualified for this program were contacted by their lender but your short sale agent may know more. Some of the more common short sale incentive programs are for homeowners with loans backed by the FHA or Fannie Mae. These programs will have different qualifications and provide great incentives for the homeowner at closing. Many of the Santa Monica Short Sales completed this year have inlcuded relocation assistane thank to the HAFA program. HAFA provides up to three thousand dollars at closing for homeowners who qualify. Even if you are still current on your mortgage Santa Monica Short Sales may be an option for you.

Contact a trusted short sale agent today to learn about what incentives await you for selling your home. Not only can Santa Monica Short Sales help you move on from your distressed property but it can help you on the path to recovery.