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Santa Monica Short Sale Agents Want You To Utilize SoS Calculator

Are you trying to determine how much time and money it will take until your underwater home is an asset again? If so, Santa Monica short sale agents have a great new tool available for you to use, the Short or Stay Calculator. Homeowners throughout the country are taking advantage of the calculator and learning more about their housing situation to help them determine if they should stay in their home or if a short sale is the better option for them.

Santa Monica short sale agents say that the SoS Calculator is free to everyone and very easy to use. All you need to do is input some of your basic information, such as property address, monthly mortgage payment, interest rate and remaining principal balance on your home. From this information, the calculator will utilize three different rates of appreciation to determine how much time and money it will take for you to break even on your home. This, says one Santa Monica short sale agent, can help you determine whether it is financially smarter for you to complete a short sale or stay in your home.

Some of the other benefits of the SoS calculator is that it will tell you an estimate of your property value, as well as put you in contact with an experienced Santa Monica short sale agent that can help you to better analyze your situation. The free report you receive will also be sent to that Santa Monica short sale agent so they can learn more about your mortgage before you even contact them.

The SoS Calculator is a great tool for all homeowners to take advantage of, so we’d like to encourage you to utilize it today. Use the SoS Calculator today and then get in touch with a knowledgeable Santa Monica short sale agent and determine whether a short sale is right for you.