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Santa Monica Short Sale Agents Speak About Numerous Short Sale Incentives

Do you need to do a short sale on your home but really would like to wait until the best possible time to do so? Santa Monica short sale agents say that the best possible time is now. Currently there are many different short sale incentives awaiting homeowners that choose to do a short sale on their home and Santa Monica short sale agents want you to reap the benefits of them.

If you have a mortgage with Chase, Wells Fargo, GMAC or Bank of America, these lenders are all currently offering their homeowners monetary incentives at the closing of their short sale transaction. Santa Monica short sale agents report that their clients are receiving anywhere from $3000-$30,000 in cash at closing. What could be better than a little bit of extra money to help you get back on your feet?

Also, Santa Monica short sale agents want you to know that some lenders are even offering full debt forgiveness before your short sale transaction is even underway. This is definitely an added bonus because it provides you with the reassurance that your lender will never come after you for the debt that they’ve waived on your short sale transaction.

Right now really is the best time to complete a short sale on your home, claim Santa Monicashort sale agents. There are so many different incentives available to homeowners through their lenders as well as government incentives, that it would almost be silly to not take advantage of them.

To learn more about which short sale incentives your lender is offering or which ones you qualify for, contact a reputable Santa Monica short sale agent today. They’ll provide you with the information that you need and can help you get the process of short selling your home underway so you can take advantage of the many incentives available to you.