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Santa Monica Short Sale Agents Says Wells Fargo Short Sale Processes Have Greatly Improved

Do you have a mortgage with Wells Fargo that is currently underwater and need the help of a Santa Monica short sale agent? If so, you should know that there are many Santa Monica short sale agents that have the experience and knowledge of the Wells Fargo short sale process that you desire.

Recently Wells Fargo has streamlined their short sale process and started using an online platform known as Equator. Many other lenders have also started using this process, say Santa Monica short sale agents, because it holds all parties accountable as well as provides a single place for all documents and communications to be stored.

Not only has Wells Fargo started using Equator, they have also hired more employees and provided more thorough training to help increase the turnaround time of their short sale transactions. Most Santa Monica short sale agents agree that Wells Fargo has definitely improved over the past few years with regards to short sale negotiations and efficiency.

By working with a Santa Monica short sale agent that is experienced with Wells Fargo, they can provide you with the service that you deserve as well as help expedite any files that are being held up within the system. Many Santa Monica short sale agents are familiar with the hierarchy within Wells Fargo, so is a problem should arise, they know who to contact to get the issue solved quickly and keep your file moving along in the process.

If you have a Wells Fargo mortgage that you need to complete a short sale on, or are interested in learning more about how they’ve revamped their systems and improved their processes, contact a Santa Monica short sale agent today. There are a number of realtors ready and waiting to help you with your Wells Fargo short sale.