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Santa Monica Short Sale Agents Discuss Benefits Of Short Sales

Has your Santa Monica short sale agent talked to you about the many benefits of doing a short sale? If you’re facing foreclosure, upside down on your home or need to relocate because of your job and can’t complete an equity sale, doing a short sale is more than likely you’re best alternative. Santa Monica short sale agents want homeowners to realize that the negative stigma that may go along with completing a short sale isn’t necessary. Working with a Santa Monica short sale agent to get your home sold has many positive aspects to it and we’d like to cover a few of those with you today.

One of the best advantages of a short sale, and one that you can’t get with any other foreclosure alternative, is that it provides you with full debt forgiveness. When you work with the right Santa Monica short sale agent you can walk away from closing having spent no money out of pocket and having your mortgage debt completely forgiven. This gives you peace of mind for your financial future and allows you a fresh financial start.

Another benefit of completing a short sale, explains one Santa Monica short sale agent, is that lenders, investors as well as different government agencies, are currently offering incentives to those homeowners that do complete a short sale. This means you could potentially have extra money in your pocket to help you get back on your feet again.

Lastly, one of the many benefits of completing a short sale is that it doesn’t impact your credit like a foreclosure does. The effects on your credit score, as well as the ability to purchase a home again, are much less when compared to a foreclosure.

If a short sale sounds like something that you may want to take advantage of reach out for assistance and information from a Santa Monica short sale agent today.