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Santa Monica Short Sale Agent Provides Pointers On Hardship Letter

For homeowners who are considering a short sale it is important to know what your hardship is. In order for your bank to allow a short sale the homeowner will need to write a hardship letter explaining why a short sale is necessary. Finding the right Santa Monica Short Sale Agent can help you write the best hardship letter in order to sell your distressed property quickly.

Your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent can help explain why your letter is important and what your lender wants to hear. While your hardship letter is an important part of your short sale packet it is not something to be stressed about. Your hardship letter should simply explain to your bank why you think a short sale should be completed on your home. This letter should include financial information and details that shed light on your personal state of affairs. Your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent knows that any hardship may be considered valid by your lender which is why it is important for the homeowner to write this letter. Examples of more common hardships would include divorce, loss of employment, or relocation for work. In some cases your lender may ask for additional information in order to validate the information listed in your hardship letter. This is why it is important for your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent to submit a detailed, well organized short sale file once an offer has been submitted. By having an organized short sale file your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent can help speed up the processing of your file and receive a faster approval letter. Aside from writing this hardship letter your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent will handle the rest of selling your home so you can relax.

Every successful short sale starts with finding the right short sale agent. Your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent can help you put together the best hardship letter in order to get your home sold quickly and get back on your feet.