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Santa Monica Short Sale Agent Helps Explain Benefits Of Avoiding Foreclosure

For those homeowners who are ready to sell their distressed property it is important to consider all of your current options. The best way of doing this is to contact a trusted Santa Monica Short Sale Agent and discuss your current real estate situation. At Toni Patillo and Associates we have been helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and achieve their real esate goals for years and want to share our knowledge with you.

As homeowners conitnue to seek out options for their distressed properties more and more Santa Monica Short Sale Agents seem to pop up. While any agent can handle your home sale completing a short sale is not an ordinary transaction. For starters, if you are already behind on your mortgage payments the foreclosure process has already started. This means time is not on your side and your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent needs to act fast in order to get your home sold and approved quickly. Distressed property owners may also want to consider a short sale because of the potential incentive programs currently available. Homeowners who qualify for these programs are available to receive cash at closing, tax breaks, and long term protection from their lender simply for completing a short sale. Even if a short sale is not right for you there are numerous options to consider that will leave you better off than a foreclosure. Homeowners who simply do nothing and allow their home to enter foreclosure will generally wait up to seven years to buy another home. Likewise, those who complete a short sale will only wait up to two years. And for homeowners who complete a short sale will current on their mortgage payments there may be no wait at all.

Great opportunities like these are all available simply by having a conversation with your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent. All it takes is one phone call or e-mail to start the process of selling your distressed property.