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Santa Monica Short Sale Agent Discusses Short Sale Challenges

Just like with anything else these days, when something seems to be too good, it usually is. Toni Patillo and her team of Santa Monica short sale agents are experienced in the many challenges that can often come along with completing a short sale on your home or purchasing a home that is a short sale. There are hundreds of thousands of homes in foreclosure or in the short sale process, so there are plenty of good deals out there to be had for potential buyers. When buyers find a discounted foreclosure or a short sale there can be a few expensive problems to go along with it. Sometimes small problems that appear to be an inexpensive fix can turn into much bigger problems in the long run. Toni and her team of Santa Monica short sale agents can help ease your mind and follow guidelines to ensure you get the best deal for your money. Your Santa Monica short sale agent should tell you that one thing that is important to think about is when someone is selling in a declining market, it is usually because they have to sell for some reason or another, not because they want to sell. Just because they are in the position where they have to sell, doesn’t mean you have to buy. It’s always best to know what you are getting yourself into before you purchase a foreclosure property or a short sale.

There are several mistakes that homebuyers make when they could be avoided by hiring an experienced Santa Monica short sale agent to help with your transaction. One thing you want to avoid is to not ignore any property problems. If there are any obvious problems, it’s best to check them out before buying. We also recommend that you not skip the home inspection. It is also recommended that you not ignore any legal and insurance information. Your Santa Monicashort sale agent should be able to tell you what needs to be done and follow a schedule.