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Santa Monica Short Sale Agent Continues Success With Chase Bank

If you need to sell your home with a  Chase Bank mortgage now is the time to contact a Santa Monica Short Sale AgentChase Bank has been one of the leaders in short sale processing for years and have helped thousands of homeowners. Once you find a Santa Monica Short Sale Agent take advantage of the short sale opportunity with Chase Bank.

If your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent has experience working with Chase Bank they can tell you what sets their staff apart from other servicers. One of biggest benefits of Chase Bank is the use of their online platform called Equator for processing short sales. Equator allows your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent to upload all documents to a secure website that provides for better transparency and communication. This will allow your Santa Monica Short Sale Agent to notice any problems with your file or contact the Chase Bank representative for your file if things are taking too long. Equator is just one of the ways that Chase Bank is able to speed up their short sale process and get faster approvals for homeowners. Another great benefit of Chase Bank is the opportunity for short sale incentives at closing. Homeowners who have a mortgage owned and serviced by Chase Bank have received large checks at closing in the past. Some homeowners have been rewarded thirty thousand dollars for completing a Chase Bank short sale! Not every customer will qualify for this program but your Santa Monica Short Sale Agentknows of other great short sale incentives. A large percentage of Chase Banks mortgage portfolio is owned by Fannie Mae which may qualify homeowners for the HAFA program.

If you need to sell your distressed property through Chase Bank contact a Santa Monica Short Sale Agent today to get started. Now may be the best time to short sale your home and get out from under your mortgage debt.