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Santa Monica Realtor Utilizes Free Tool To Help Homeowners Make Tough Decision

If you think it is time to sell your current home but don’t know your property value contact your Santa Monica Realtor today. The team at Toni Patillo and Associates have a great free tool that can help make this decision an easy one. Simply stop by and try out the Short Or Stay Calculator to determine your next real estate decision.

This free tool provided by your Santa Monica Realtor only takes a few minutes to use and will provide you with up to date market information on your current property. Simply enter in some basic information about your current mortgage in order to get started. Once your mortgage balance, address, mortgage interest rate, and loan terms have been entered the Short Or Stay Calculator can determine your current property value. This value is determined by comparing your property to similar homes in the area and is provided by the trusted people at Zillow. Your Santa Monica Realtor at Toni Patillo and Associates can also discuss how your home will stack up against other homes if you determine selling is your best option. The Short Or Stay Calculator will also show you different recovery scenarios and how they will affect your home value if you decide to stay in your home. If your home has negative equity a short sale may be the best only option to get out from under your mortgage. For some homeowners it makes sense to wait out the market and sell when their equity has returned. When making these decisions it may be best to consult your Santa Monica Realtor to discuss the pros and cons of each scenario.

If you are considering a new home make sure to check out the Short Or Stay Calculator to determine your next step. Once you have done this contact Toni Patillo and Associates to help you make your real estate goals a reality.