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Santa Monica Real Estate Warming Up Thanks To Short Sales

If you are ready to unload your Santa Monica Real Estate a short sale may be your best option. Whether you are current on your mortgage or have missed a payment this is a great opportunity to get out from under your mortgage debt. Give Toni Patillo and Associates a call today if you are considering a short sale on your Santa Monica Real Estate.

With the current low mortgage rates and steady home prices in Santa Monica Real Estate there is no better time to find a new home. If you are in the market as a buyer finding a property that has been short sold may be just the bargain that you are looking for. Many of the short sale programs that lenders operate require the home to be in a living condition. There may be some minor repairs needed but for the most part the home will be ready to live in on day one. If you are looking to sell on the other hand a short sale is definitely a great opportunity. Whether you are current on your mortgage or have fallen behind a short sale provides homeowners a fresh start on their Santa Monica Real Estate. A short sale will on average take three to four months from start to finish but we have seen some take as little as a month. This means in as little as three months you could be moving on to a home with a much better mortgage that will build equity over time. Toni Patillo and Associates have completed hundreds of short sales over the years and are ready and waiting to answer any and all of your Santa Monica Real Estate questions. Whether buying or selling Toni and her team will help you determine your next Santa Monica Real Estate decision.

With the current market conditions you don’t want to miss out on finding your next home in the Santa Monica region. There are great condos, townhouses, and single family units available for every price range in this area. And all it takes is a phone call to get started on your path to recovery.