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Questions You Should Ask A Realtor When Interviewing

Right now we’d like to go over some of the questions you might want to ask a realtor when you’re interviewing them as a potential candidate. First of all, ask how many transactions they have closed as well as how long they have been in the business. You might also ask them what their sales or marketing plan is as well as how they intend to represent your property and get it sold. Other questions might include if they work with a team, how they interact with that team and how you will interact with their team; this is really important.

I know for myself that I do have a team and I let my customers know up front that, while I am the main real estate representative here, I do have a team. I am going to be introducing my customers to each one of the members of my team because each one of them has a specific role that they fulfill in the real estate process. I want to make sure that my customers understand this because they’re going to see and work with more than just me. In order for me to fully and effectively represent you and get you the highest dollar amount in the quickest amount of time all while providing you with the best representation, I’m going to merge myself with my team. This is how I’m able to represent you as best as possible.

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