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Questions To Ask While Interviewing Venice Short Sale Agent

When buying or selling a home it is always important to find the right Venice Short Sale Agent for your tastes. While there can be numerous agents to choose from it is important not to simply pick the first one you come across. When selecting your Venice Short Sale Agent there are some important questions to ask and things to look for.

First of all it is important to know that your Venice Short Sale Agent has a high rate of success on getting short sales approved. Most agents will have no issue with sharing this information with potential clients and some may even boast about it. While many agents can tell you they have short sale experience unless it is successful it is not important to you. It is also important to ask your Venice Short Sale Agent how many files they handle each week. If your agent does not have enough time to devote to your file it could lead to serious harm. A short sale on average will take four to six weeks from start to finish but if your file is stuck on the bottom of a pile it could be much longer. Some Venice Short Sale Agent Companies actually utilize a team of specialists as opposed to one individual agent. This allows each member of the team to focus on what they do best when it comes to selling your home. A short sale file requires daily communication with the lender and servicer which will normally require more than one persons time. Most importantly your Venice Short Sale Agent should not charge you any up front fees for selling your home. If an agent is successful getting short sales approved then charging up front fees should not be necessary.

So when you determine that a short sale is right for you make sure to consider these questions when selecting a Venice Short Sale Agent. Having an agent that meets the abve criteria will allow you peace of mind during the short sale process.