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Popularity Of Short Sales Continues to Sky Rocket

As more and more homeowners find their property underwater the short sale numbers continue to rise. As a Venice Short Sale Agent for six years I have never seen as many short sales as I am today. If your home is no longer worth what you owe a short sale may be your best alternative to throwing away your money.

Across the country homeowners are learning the benefits of a short sale and as your Venice Short Sale Agent I want to share them with you. Once you fall behind on your mortgage payments your lender can start the foreclosure process. Ever month you miss a payment your credit score is hurt significantly. In other words, the sooner your Venice Short Sale Agent gets your file started the better off you will be. Lenders are even allowing distressed property owners who are current on their payments to complete short sale at this time. In my six years as a Venice Short Sale Agent I have not seen this but it is certainly a good sign. National lenders understand that getting these negative equity homes off the books will only serve to help the borrower and the bank. As a Venice Short Sale Agent I have seen empty neighorhoods filled with new homeowners and foreclosure signs toppled. If your mortgage is underwater it is in your best interest to meet with a Venice Short Sale Agent to at lest discuss your options. It is hard to say if or when the housing market will improve but a short sale can alwaus provide a second chance.

If you are unfamiliar with short sales contact me today or chat with someone in your life that has sold their home for less than they owed. While a short sale is not right for everyone knowing your options today and help to protect you from the unknown events of tomorrow.