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Letting Your Home Go Into Foreclosure? Contact A Santa Monica Short Sale Specialist!

Have you given up hope on your delinquent mortgage and just chalked it up to a mistake that you should have taken care of sooner? Did you once consider a Santa Monica short sale on your home but decided that it was just easier to let the bank foreclose on your home? If this is something that you’ve decided for yourself, Santa Monica short sale experts are here today to persuade you to consider the foreclosure alternative of completing a Santa Monica short sale.

First and foremost, are you even aware of all the negative impacts that a foreclosure can have on your entire life? Not only does it severely impact your credit and keep you from purchasing a home again for at least five years, it can also impact your career or potential for employment as well as social and emotional aspects of your life. Many homeowners don’t realize that even after you’ve lost your home to foreclosure, you’re technically not done with the process. You can still be held liable for the mortgage and your lender or investor could come after you for that amount. Wouldn’t you rather complete a Santa Monica short sale and have the peace of mind that no one will come after you in the future?

If you’ve received a foreclosure notice in the mail from your lender or if you fear one will be coming soon, contact a Santa Monica short sale agent as soon as possible. There is still time to take action against foreclosure and while completing a Santa Monica short sale may seem very time consuming to homeowners, it actually isn’t. Once the initial steps of the process are completed, your Santa Monica short sale expert will handle things from there. Make a smart and educated decision about your financial future and take action today by contacting a Santa Monica short sale specialist.