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Know The Facts About Your Option To Short Sale

Many of the Venice short sales that I have closed are for hard working individuals that simply need a second chance. One of the hardest parts of deciding to complete a short sale is asking for help. At Toni Patillo and Associates we want to help you out in your time of need and get you started on the path to recovery.

Often times when meeting a homeowner for the first time they are frustrated and feeling hopeless about the situation they are in. With Venice short sales being closed every day distressed property owners need to know that they are not alone. Having gone through the short sale process myself I can understand how hard it can be sometimes to have any hope. Thankfully reaching out to a trusted professional is the first step in many successful Venice short sales. It is also important to be aware of the long term damage a foreclosure could be for you. Entering in to foreclosure can prevent you from getting a job and you will be unable to qualify for a home loan for at least seven years. If you are already behind on your mortgage payment your credit score may already be at risk. Many people believe Venice short sales will harm there credit but this is simply not true. In all of the Venice short sales I have closed the most damage has been caused by missing payments for several months in a row. That is one of the reasons why contacting a professional right away is so important. Lenders today are even allowing distressed property owners who are current on their mortgage to complete Venice short sales.

If you are struggling to make your mortgage please contact Toni Patillo and Associates to simply chat about your options. A short sale is not right for everyone and there are other options for avoiding foreclosure. The path to recovery starts with contacting a short sale expert to chat about the options for your distressed property.