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Knolly Williams, Short Sale Expert, Discusses What To Do With Your Challenging Real Estate Situation

Do you own a home or have plans to in the future? Are you upside down on your mortgage and need help, perhaps via doing a short sale? We’re very excited today to have Knolly Williams with us; he’s a very close colleague, short sale expert and Keller Williams friend in Texas. Today we’re going to discuss doing a short sale which is when the seller works in conjunction with their short sale agent and the bank to liquidate the asset and move on to a better financial scenario.

According to Core Logic, 22% of residential properties throughout the United States that have a mortgage are underwater; about 10.7 million homeowners are underwater as of the end of 2012. Some of these homeowners will try to stick it out and keep their home to avoid being displaced, but at some point they have to come to the realization that this home is no longer worth fighting for. They need to realize they should move into a situation that is more comfortable for their family so they can start living again.

My advice for people that aren’t sure what to do about their challenging real estate situation is to meet with an experienced short sale agent and let us go through their situation and help them make the best decision based on the information that we’re looking at together. The short sale market has declined in Texas and I would venture to say that it’s beginning to happen all over the country. It’s estimated that there will be about 1 million short sales completed in 2013 so we’re going to double our short sales. We’d like to thank Knolly Williams for joining us today.

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