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How Venice Short Sales are advertised

Hi, I’m Toni Patillo with Toni Patillo and Associates, your leading Venice short sale agents. Today we would like to talk about listing your Venice short sale. Several homeowners have come to us wondering if everyone will know that they are listing their home as a short sale. If we are in charge of your Venice short sale, we will do everything we can to respect your privacy and keep things confidential. When we place the for sale sign in your yard, it will be just like any traditional sale. It will not be listed on the sign that the home is a short sale or foreclosure. However, once we list the home on the MLS, it will need to be listed as a short sale. We do this so potential buyers will know the situation of the property. Some buyers search specifically for short sales so they can look for the best offers on the market. The only people that have access to this information should be other real estate agents. We understand you might not want the entire neighborhood to know you are having some financial trouble and need to short sell your home. To give you some piece of mind, studies show about 40-60% of home sales will be short sales or foreclosures, so you are not alone.

Again, we are Toni Patillo and Associates and we are here to help answer any questions you may have about the short sale process and how exactly things will go. Please contact us today if you are considering a Venice short sale on your property. Thanks and we look forward to working with you soon.