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How to Spot a Pest Infestation in Venice Short Sales

You have probably been told time and time again the importance of getting an inspection with Venice short sales, but these inspections can cost buyers money. There are some ways that you can spot a pest infestation so that you can decide if it is worth the effort to pursue certain Venice short sales.

The first step is to look for the existence of pests when looking through Venice short sales. It can be easy to spend your time looking through Venice short sales for a great floor plan or the potential for resale, but you should always keep your eyes open for obvious signs of any infestation.

Second, look for signs of dead pests. Pests like quiet, dark locations like the attic, basement, and closets. Check those places thoroughly for signs of dead pests. If you find an excessive amount of animal life, decide whether to proceed with an inspection or to move on from the affected Venice short sales.

Another way to spot a pest problem is to look for evidence of nests. Mice and rats will often use whatever they can find to make a nest and they commonly put their nests in the small nooks and crannies of the house. Their nests can often be found behind fridges and ovens or in closets and other small places. Their nests look like jumbled up messes of debris like carpet fibers or old paper.

The smell of pests can often be noticeable in Venice short sales as well. Every pest has a different type of odor, but you can often tell the kind of pest by the odors that they give off.

When looking at Venice short sales never forget to examine the outside as well. Areas where there has been garbage or a former garden may often have scratch or gnaw marks.

By keeping an eye out for pest infestations you are more able to make a decision about the Venice short sales on your list. It will help you understand one of the repairs that may be necessary.