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How Do I Qualify For A Short Sale In California?

Hello everyone Toni Patillo here talking with you as always about the ever changing California housing market and your options for avoiding foreclosure. If you find yourself with an underwater mortgage and are struggling to make your mortgage payments please contact Toni Patillo and Associates to discuss all of your options. For years we have been helping homeowners just like you avoid foreclosure and get back on their feet through the path to recovery.

Today I wanted to talk with homeowners about how to qualify for a short sale or what is needed to qualify. First of all every successful short sale will require that you have a valid hardship. In the past this meant death of a family member or loss of job but that has changed in the last few years. In fact, even just having a mortgage that is underwater can be considered to be a valid hardship. It also use to be required that a homeowner be late on their mortgage payments or defaulting as your lender calls it. Now a days California homeowners are completing short sales every day while staying current on their mortgage payments and reducing any damage to their credit. Large national lenders including Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America continue to stream line their short sale process in order to make things easier for both parties. In fact, you may be able to qualify for short sale incentive programs that provide you tax relief or relocation assistance merely for completing a short sale. Every day people in our community are taking advantage of this great opportunity to complete a short sale in order to avoid foreclosure or simply get out from under their mortgage debt. If you continue to make your monthly payments on a home with no equity this may be an option for you to consider.

For all of your real estate needs make sure to contact Toni Patillo and Associates to learn about the options in front of you. It starts by picking up the phone or visiting our website and it ends with a satisfied homeowner making the most of this opportunity.