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Homeowners Underwater No Longer Are Say Santa Monica Real Estate Agents

Santa Monica real estate agents want you to know that if you tried to complete an equity sale in the past and weren’t able to and if you didn’t qualify for a short sale, your housing situation may have improved since then. You may already be aware that the housing market is improving throughout the country and not just for Santa Monica real estate. Homeowners across the nation have said that their underwater mortgages are no longer underwater allowing them to complete and equity sale on their home and the same is true for the Santa Monica real estate market.

It is estimated that home values have increased almost 30% since last year and even more since 2009 when the housing market really hit rock bottom. This improvement in the Santa Monica real estate market and its home values can be seen in the fact that there are currently no distressed properties listed for sale. There used to be a time when there were almost as many distressed properties as there were equity sales.

To find out what your current property value is, if you can finally complete an equity sale again and what you can expect when you list your home on the Santa Monica real estate market, contact a Santa Monica real estate agent today. There are a number of tools available to homeowners to find out whether or not they can complete an equity sale or if they still may need to short sale, so find out what type of situation you are in after this improvement in the Santa Monica real estate market. You may be one of the lucky ones and find that your home value has greatly improved so start working with a Santa Monica real estate agent today to complete your equity sale.