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Homeowners Still Making Mortgage Payments Can Now Complete Santa Monica Short Sales

For many homeowners every months mortgage payment results in no equity left behind. This can be a very frustrating feeling, especially after years of making payments and improvements to your home. Thankfully Santa Monica Short Sales are now being approved by many lenders for homeowners that are still current on their mortgage payments. At Toni Patillo and Associates we can help you take advantage of this great opportunity to move on from your distressed property and find the home of your dreams.

As more and more homeowners complete Santa Monica Short Sales lenders in the area have grown to understand that they benefit both sides. Your bank is in the business of making money and not owning distressed properties. When a homeowner enters in to foreclosure their lender becomes responsible for the upkeep as well as keeping the lights and the water on. This is not what they had in mind when they started handing out mortgages. Santa Monica Short Sales for homeowners that are still current allow the banks to remove bad loans for their books while also helping homeowners start over fresh. And for most homeowners who never miss a payment the option to buy a new home right away is a great opportunity. Given the adjustment in home prices over the last five years, along with the current lending rates that banks are offering, you may be able to find more home at a better price thanks to Santa Monica Short Sales.

WHo knew owning an underwater mortgage would one day be consider a valid hardship for your Santa Monica Short Sale? Contact Toni Patillo and Associates today to learn about your options for selling your distressed property. We want to help you stop throwing your money away every month and find the home of your dreams.