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Homeowner Completes Short Sale While Current On Payments Thanks To Santa Monica Realtor

If your current mortgage is stopping you from seizing this real estate market I have great news for you. Recently lenders have began approving short sales for homeowners who are still current on their mortgage payments. Make sure to contact your Santa Monica Realtor to learn more about getting out from under your mortgage debt.

As more and more homeowners get out from under their bad mortgage debt lenders have continued to meet them half way. Having the ability to complete a short sale without missing any payments is great news for homeowners in a position to buy right away. Your Santa Monica Realtor can have your short sale file submitted in only a few days in order to get your home sold quickly. A short sale on average takes three to four months to complete but we have seen short sales closed in a matter of weeks. Sometimes it just depends on who your Santa Monica Realtor is! Homeowners who are able to stay current on their mortgage and complete a short sale will take the most benefit from not damaging their credit. Many homeowners may be scared away from the short sale process due to misinformation about damage to your credit score. The most damage that is done to your credit will result from missing monthy payments and not the actual short sale process. Many homeowners who complete a short sale have also been able to qualify for some form of incentive package. Your Santa Monica Realtor will know what programs you qualify for to make sure you are finding the best deal available. Homeowners that qualify for programs like HAFA will receive up to three thousand dollars in relocation assistance.

These are just a few of the great reasons to consider a short sale on your current property in order to take advantage of this great housing market. Contact your Santa Monica Realtor today to learn about your options for achieving your real estate goals sooner than you think.