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Henry Glowa on Call Toni Radio


Toni’s guest on 3/8/2014 was Henry Glowa. Henry explained why bankruptcy is sometimes a viable option and why we should disregard the negative stigma associated with it.

In 1988, Henry graduated from law school, passed the California Bar Exam, and immediately went to work for one of the world’s largest law firms. While working there, he was given the opportunity to prepare bankruptcy cases, on a pro bono basis, for terminally ill patients. After several years at the firm, Henry opened his own office to devote his attention, full-time, to helping people and small businesses in financial crisis.

Although Henry has represented both creditors and debtors over the past 23 years, He found his passion lies in helping individuals and small businesses suffering from the burdens of overwhelming debt. It is Henry goal to treat each client in a professional, nonjudgmental, discreet way, with compassion and dignity.