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Helpful Tips On Finding The Maximum Value For Your Home

Hello everyone Toni Patillo here with Toni Patillo and Associates talking with homeowners today about getting the maximum value for their home. I use this blog to share as much free information with Southern California homeowners to help them make the best real estate decision for their current situation. If you are considering selling your home or are struggling to make your payments please give me a call or visit my website to get in contact with our team of real estate professionals.

Making the decision to sell your home is never easy which is why it is important to think every detail through. One thing that is certainly worth discussing with your real estate agent is whether to spend any money on improvements before listing the home. The two best locations in your home that will return value are the bathroom and the kitchen. These are normally common areas that will be utilized by guests and visitors unlike a bedroom or office. Making simple improvements such as updating any trim on the floor or ceiling can be an easy weekend task that will add value to your property. The bathroom is certainly somewhere that over time will need some improvements from simple wear and tear. This can include small things like a new shower curtain or vanity to an entirely new bath tub or countertop. Selling your home should be treated like a business decision and these investments in selling your property may be needed to get the highest and best offer.

Before selling your home make sure to chat with an experienced real estate agent to put together a strategy for obtaining the maximum value for your property. Give Toni Patillo and Associates a call today with any and all of you real estate questions. We would be happy to help educate you on all of your Southern California real estate options.