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Four Common Mistakes with Venice Short Sales

Venice short sales can be a complicated process with real consequences. If something goes wrong with Venice short sales it can result in a seller losing the home to foreclosure just because of a preventable oversight.
One of the biggest mistakes is pricing the home incorrectly. When setting the price on Venice short sales you have the needs of many different people to consider. You want to keep the bank happy; you can’t forget the buyers, not to mention all of the lenders involved. The secret to setting the right price is make the price advantageous for all parties involved.
This, of course, takes some skill. That is why another common mistake is hiring the wrong Realtor. Choosing a competent agent that specializes in Venice short sales will work as a strong advocate for you throughout the whole process. The short sale is complicated enough that you can’t risk not hiring a powerful agent to be on your side.
Another common error is the lack of marketing. A competent Realtor will knows the importance of marketing a home, but too many agents think that setting a low house price will be all the marketing you need. This practice will only cause the bank to deny offers, and the delay can cause the homeowner to lose the house altogether.
Finally, Venice short sales should be presented just as well as other homes. That means that Venice short sales should have listings that show the positive aspects of the home, the same way you would with a conventional home listing.
The reason why Venice short sales are used so often is because they can benefit both the buyers and sellers alike. It’s those little pitfalls that can cause Venice short sales to be unsuccessful.