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Financial Pain Of Foreclosure Will Last For Years

Considering a short sale can be a very scary proposition for any homeowner. As your Venice Short Sale Agent it is important to give you the facts to help with this decision. Many homeowners I meet are scared or worried about the consequences of a short sale and don’t want to ask for help. By finding the right Venice Short Sale Agent these concerns can be squashed and we can start on the path to recovery.

Having been through a short sale myself I know that it can be tough emotionally to deal with. You may feel alone or helpless but you need to know that there are people willing to help. Every day as a Venice Short Sale Agent I meet people just like you who need to get out from under their mortgage debt. While you may be hurting emotionally the long term consequences of going through foreclosure will hurt even more. After foreclosure a homeowner typically will not qualify for a mortgage or loan for up to seven years. Having a foreclosure on your record can even hurt your chances of getting hired for a job. In my opinion the hardest part for homeowners is standing up and reaching out to someone for help. Your Venice Short Sale Agent should be a professional with the knowledge and experience to help you avoid this turmoil. At Toni Patillo and Associates we have been getting short sales approved for over six years. Compared to any other Venice Short Sale Agent we are here to help you as a person get back on your feet. Our commission is paid for by your lender and we are not here to take your money.

As your Venice Short Sale Agent once you reach out to us we will handle everything from start to finish. Thousands of homeowners are completing short sales every day and you need to know you are not alone. Choose Toni Patillo and Associates as your Venice Short Sale Agent today for the comfort and piece of mind that only we can offer.