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Ever Have Those Moments When you Forget About your Job?

Ever Have Those Moments When you Forget About your Job?

I’m not particularly proud of it, but I’ll admit it: Sometimes I forget about my job!

Let’s be clear about what I mean: I don’t mean I forget about it when I’m out dancing the night away. ‘Cause that’s just healthy. We can’t be work-work-work all the time.

And also: I don’t mean I’m suffering from some form of memory loss! No – thank goodness, I can still remember basic things like my name, my address, and What I Do For A Living.

What I’m referring to here are those moments of illumination when you realize that Your Job Is Just A Reflection Of Your Essence.

None of us, after all, are actually our jobs. All of us, however, ARE how we approach those jobs.

In other words, it’s not the Real Estate work that makes the person. It’s the person that makes the Real Estate work.

All of us show up on this planet with a very specific nature, vibration, capacity, and purpose. Sometimes our purpose seems more clear than it does at other times. Oftentimes, we spend many years just trying to figure it out.

However, at root, who we are is who we are.

And what we do can ONLY be but an expression of who we are.

Sometimes, I’ll be with a client, and we’ll be cracking up and trading stories, and I’ll have no conscious notion of the official fact that I’m a “Real Estate broker.” At moments like those, such words are secondary to what’s occurring. According to the tax man and the record keepers at City Hall, a Real Estate broker is the extent of who and what I am.

But according to me, I’m something else, something deeper, and something more sacred, too:

I am a caregiver.

I was a caregiver long before I went into Real Estate. When I worked in entertainment, I was a caregiver. In my interactions with my friends and family, I showed up, always, as a caregiver.

That’s what drives me more than anything: The function of giving – of granting – care. I love it so much. It lights up my whole grid.

What drives you? Please give it some thought. Remember: Your job is just one vessel in which you can express yourself. But at the end of the day, it’s YOU who’s being expressed.

What comes out of you as you do your job? What comes out of you among your loved ones?

What sacred role are you fulfilling, beyond all labels, expectations, and societal contrivances?

I’d love to know! Truly.

Because what people do isn’t who people are. And who people are excites and fascinates me immensely.