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Don’t Be Apathetic Towards Foreclosure; Complete A Santa Monica Short Sale

Have you considered completing a Santa Monica short sale on your home but are really apathetic towards your whole foreclosure situation? Santa Monica short sale experts are here today to tell you some of the differences between a foreclosure and a Santa Monica short sale and what you should start caring about your housing situation.

What most homeowners don’t realize is that when they lose their home to foreclosure, it can actually have a lasting impact on your entire financial future. It’s noted on your credit report, your credit score takes a pretty large hit and you are also unable to purchase a home again for the next 5-7 years. Because of the impact to your credit, it can be hard to make larger purchases down the road, such as buying a new vehicle. Another downside to foreclosure is that it can also affect your career or keep you from obtaining employment.

Now hopefully you’re beginning to see that maybe you should start taking action against your foreclosure situation by considering a Santa Monica short sale. With a short sale, the impact to your credit score is much, much less and you’re able to purchase a home again in 2-3 years, sometimes even sooner. It’s also much easier to rebuild your credit score after the fact and many homeowners that have completed a Santa Monica short sale report that they’ve had no issues when it comes to purchasing bigger items.

Stop being apathetic towards your situation and start realizing that losing your home to foreclosure can haunt you for the rest of your life. The advantages of selling your home on the Santa Monica short sale market are much more appealing when you see just how beneficial it can truly be. Contact a Santa Monica short sale expert today to learn more about foreclosures versus short sales and to see why it’s imperative that you take action.