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Common Short Sale Mistakes

Hi everyone, I’m Toni Patillo, one of Santa Monica’s leading short sale agents. Today I would like to talk about several short sale mistakes that people make. These common mistakes could end up hurting the short sale process. Number one is the pricing of the home. If you find the best Santa Monica short sale agent who has the experience needed, the pricing of your property shouldn’t be an issue. If the short sale is priced right, it will sell in a reasonable amount of time.

Another common mistake is finding an inexperienced listing agent. One of the most important things you can do if you are considering a short sale on your home is to find the best Santa Monica short sale agent around. We are here to help you and would love to be your Santa Monica short sale agent. It’s a good idea to find out how many short sales the agent has actually closed successfully. Also, consider how long the agent’s homes are listed on average before they close. Another mistake is when the marketing isn’t done very professionally. The price needs to be on target and the home should be listed just as a normal traditional sale is. Just because it’s a short sale, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be marketed to sell. There should also be no showing restrictions. If a Santa Monica short sale agent wants to show the property, there should be no reason why this can’t happen. Make sure the Santa Monica short sale agent includes multiple photographs of the property. If there are no photographs on the listing, potential buyers may think something is wrong with the home. The property needs to be kept in good condition through the entire short sale process. If a potential buyer comes by to check out the home, it should be looking its best inside and out. As you can see, there are a lot of common short sale mistakes that can be made. It makes it that much more important to choose the best Santa Monica short sale agent to help with your transaction.