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Can your Venice Realtor help Sell your Home Due to a Divorce?

Choosing a Venice Realtor to help with your Home Sale due to Divorce

Any time you are buying or selling a home, it can be a stressful time, especially if you need to sell because you are going through a divorce. You may be wondering who will get the house after the divorce is final. One thing to think about is do you or your ex-spouse even want the house? Usually what happens when people get divorced is they both want to move on and not stay in the home that they shared together. A divorce is usually a time to get a fresh start with no hard feelings. If you are looking for a Venice realtor to help you with the sale of your home due to a divorce, contact our team today. We can help you schedule you a private consultation to discuss your situation.

As your Venice realtor, we can help you through all of the complicated aspects that come with going through a divorce. It can be more difficult than asking who wants the house. If you still owe money on your mortgage, the person that wants to keep the house must look at their finances to see if they can actually afford to keep the house and still make payments. If you are considering selling your home due to a divorce, let our team help you look at your situation and help you decide the best option for you. As your Venice realtor, Toni Patillo can help you go over all the aspects of keeping a home in the divorce process. Not only can you afford it, but are you willing to deal with the negative memories that can come with keeping a home after a divorce. Again, selling your home due to a divorce can be a tricky situation. There are emotions involved with a financial decision. Those two usually don’t go together. Please contact our team today to not only be your Venice realtor but to help you with your current situation. We are here to help.