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Can I Participate in a Short Sale without any Late Mortgage Payments?

Hello everyone, I’m Toni Patillo and I am a leading Santa Monica short sale agent. Today I would like to talk about a question I get asked about quite often. I have several homeowners that come to me on their search for the best Santa Monica short sale agent. They are wondering if they can participate in a short sale without being late on their mortgage payments. As a Santa Monica short sale agent, I would like to tell you that in most situations you can. It does depend on who your lender is and what type of mortgage you have. In the past, according to a Santa Monica short ale agent, the rule was you had to be in default on your mortgage, meaning you are behind on your mortgage payments.

The latest is that as long as you have a legitimate hardship, and you are in danger of default, your Santa Monica short sale agent should be able to help get your short sale approved. There should not be any reason to miss a mortgage payment on purpose and especially just to get a short sale approval. You should really watch out for anyone or any Santa Monica short sale agent that suggests that you miss a mortgage payment. If your Santa Monica short sale agent can get you an approval without missing a payment, then why would it ever make sense to miss a payment and risk damaging your credit score even more? If you have any questions about short sales, please give us a call. Again, I’m Toni Patillo, your Santa Monica short sale agent, and I’m here to help in any way that I can. Thanks and we look forward to speaking with you soon. .