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Break Even Calculator Answers Tough Short Sale Questions

All Venice short sales start with the tough decision of whether to sell your home or not. This is certainly not an easy decision to make and is made easier when you are able to use current market information. At Toni Patillo and Associates we offer a free tool called the Break Even Calculator to do just that.

This free tool can be found on my website or at and is a great start to all Venice short sales. Simply enter in some basic information about your home including mortgage balance and rate of interest to find out what your current property value is. This is a key component for all Venice short sales in order to see how significant your home has dropped in price. Once this information is submitted you will receive an in depth report letting you know when you will break even on your home. While not all homes in Venice have negative equity it is very common. This free report will show how long you will need to make payments in different recovery scenarios before your home becomes an asset again. Valuable information like this is just what you need to help make your decision. Since offering this free tool I have had great feedback on many of the Venice short sales I have completed. In some cases you may even be able to break even in the near future and stay in your home. Either way, having this information will provide piece of mind when making such a difficult decision. Venice short sales continue to rise and with information like this available for free it is easy to understand why.

Once you have your report contact our team to discuss what it means for the future of your home. Not all Venice short sales are the same and we want to make sure your unique situation is handled correctly. So head over to our site today and find out when you will break even.