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Are You Selling Your Home? This Is My First Question For You…

Are You Selling Your Home? This Is My First Question For You…Whenever I encounter a home seller, I always start off our conversation with a single powerful question:

What is motivating you to sell?

In other words, are you selling because you need to downsize? Are you selling because you’re looking to upgrade…perhaps to a larger home or a nicer neighborhood?

Perhaps the answer is that you’ve inherited property and you’re no longer interested in maintaining it. Therefore, perhaps you and your fellow heirs are still deciding whether to sell the property or rent it out.

Regardless, I want to know What Your Objective Is.

I want to know what’s most important to you.

Knowing WHY you are selling helps me to understand where you’re coming from. In addition, knowing WHY you are selling helps me to know what your priorities are. Perhaps the money is your first priority. On the other hand, perhaps time is a leading priority for you. Some people tell me they’re in a great big hurry. Others tell me to take my time and get it right.

Bottom line: There’s so much more to every seller’s story than “I want to sell.”

Real Estate professionals who accept the surface story end up sleepwalking through the deal. Real Estate professionals who go deeper end up turning the deal into a work of art.

The thing about me is, no matter who you are, and no matter what we’re selling…

I go deep.