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All There is to Know About the MLS

Today we have an amazing show. We have the President Elect of the MLS, that’s the multiple listing service, Robin Greenberg. Some of you may be wondering what the MLS is and how it benefits the consumer as well as the real estate professional. The most accurate statistics about real estate are found in the multiple listing service. The multiple listing service that we represent is called Combine Las AngelesWestside Multiple Listing Service. There are other multiple listing services also. We as realtors have to put our listings into the MLS within a few hours of receiving the listings and also upon having a pending or a sold, we are required to put the information back into the MLS. Although there are other similar services out there, the multiple listing service is the most accurate and actually accurate statistics are what we need as realtors. If you were asking me to give you an opinion of value about your house, I would need to bring you some very accurate statistics and I would obtain them from the MLS. The benefit for the homeowners is that their listings are now digitally sent around the world. If I were to input your house in today, within a few hours, it would be on the internet and around the world. That comes from the MLS and from the companies that we work for. In the olden days, it was more word of mouth. Today, it is not necessarily word of mouth although we are a talking industry. Today on the internet, your listing can be shown to someone on the Internet in France and we might find the right buyer in another country rather than just in our city. This is global now, we are no longer local. If I wanted to buy a home in New York, I could go online and pull up their MLS and identify a property there. This is really powerful how technology has moved us and created a speeding up of the time. In the old days we used to have to go to our office more and now we can work in the field practically all the time. We want to remind you that we are here every Saturday at 3:00pm, on Call Toni Real Estate Radio, KTLK 1150. We are committed to bringing you tools for positive change. If you have any 97questions, you can give us a call at 1-888-309-9797. Thanks and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook.