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A New Dawn is Coming

A New Dawn is Coming I’m writing this post to let everybody know that MAJOR changes are afoot around here, in the realm of Toni Patillo…

As ever, at this time, I’m still committed to being a go-to leader in the SoCal Real Estate market. In addition, I should mention with gratitude that business is amazing. We’re in a supremely active market right now. On the one hand, inventory is super tight. But on the other hand, we’re swimming in a sea of buyers, actively seeking out properties. As a matter of course, those buyers are a little frustrated, as they outnumber the homes available to them. But just the same, they are keeping quite busy, and I am always grateful to be a party to their transactions – generally on the sellers’ side of the equation.

In the meantime, I have opened up my business operations to work more closely with clients in the above-50 market. Over the years, it’s become more and more clear to me that we’re in an aging population, one that finds itself in need of specialized care when it comes to their Real Estate needs.

I use the word “care” with great intention. During the course of my time developing expertise in working with distressed properties, I’ve come to see with greater clarity that Real Estateprofessionals have an opportunity to function as genuine caregivers. This lesson was also driven home to me in my family, as I functioned as a caregiver for my mother and my brother, near the end of their lives.

I find myself compelled, then, to bring my care-giving impulse into Real Estate with greater energy and commitment. While continuing to run a robust Real Estate business, I am assisting not only clients in the above-50 market, but my fellow Real Estate professionals who wish to serve that market.

This has transformed me into more of an outright educator than I’ve ever been before. Education has always been my leading passion, and that passion is finally coming to the forefront. I continue to educate my clients, but I’m branching out into educating my peers about the above-50 market, while serving as a caregiver to all.

In brief, it’s an exciting time. Keep watching this space as the expansion and transformation continue. Expect me to host more in-person seminars, start releasing online courses, and start communicating through books and other media.

This blog is just one leg on the table.

We have a lot of exploration to do, and a lot of care to give.

I look forward to being with you on this journey.