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A Million Dollar Tweet and a Can of Soup

Amazing Story — Hi Toni, First of all, I wanted to thank you very much for the support of our Radio Show as well as our LACSS List Assist Negotiation Program. We are extremely grateful for everyone’s comments and emails. Now…I had to share this story with you. A couple days ago, we were brought in to help a homeowner that had a foreclosure set in less than 24 hours with Bank of America. He had a construction loan and ran out of funds before the home was completed. The loan amount is well over $1,000,000. Although we knew it would be a full team effort, we told them we would do whatever we could to help. We reached out to our contacts and unfortunately couldn’t contact any of them because it was almost the end of the business day. For the past few months, we have also been making a strong effort to build our relationships with Bank of America Social Media Support. In case you didn’t know, Bank of America is on Twitter and has a team dedicated to helping agents and consumers via Twitter. (I know…I didn’t believe it at first either.) Well…we sent a tweet to Bank of America (I never thought I would say that)…and received a call pretty quickly. We have a contact in that department that helps us pretty often, and they looked into it and helped get the sale postponed so we could be reviewed for a short sale. It is amazing how technology has advanced. Someone owes over $1,000,000 on their loan and has a foreclosure for the next morning, and we send a Tweet on an Iphone and all of the sudden the foreclosure is postponed………crazy. I am now calling that the Million Dollar Tweet. Now…what about the can of soup? This Friday 4/27/12 from 11:00-12:30, Jason will be teaching at KW Santa Monica. The class is : Mastering the Language of Short Sales – Scripts and Dialogues SPACE IS LIMITED. REGISTER AT: Please bring at least 1 canned good to support KW Red Day. We will have bins for your canned goods when you arrive. We hope you can make it! Once again…register at Thank you and have a great weekend!